USPS Address Change Fee and How To Avoid being Scammed By Third Party

How to change USPS address fee

Updating your postal address is very easy. You can visit their website to update your address. The process is safe, simple and secure. It is hassle-free. Change of address is fast and convenient. Especially for busy people who have no time to visit their local post office to update their address. There is a charge for this process. However, changing of address has a very minimal cost. USPS change of address fee is very minimal. The minimal amount is for the online verification fee. You only need a credit or debit card and a valid email. Also, steps in filling out the form online are basic and easy to understand. Once transaction is successful and approved you can continue to enjoy receiving your package or mail in your new address.

Be also alert of third-party who offers change of address. They charge very expensively, at a very high cost. Third party takes advantage of this process. They will charge you at higher cost but using the USPS Change of Address webpage which only charge minimally. So you do not have to avail a third-party when changing address. Change of address online application is easy and fast. All you need is internet access. Notification of change of address is confirmed through email.

But if you prefer to avail third-party change of address agents, just take precautions to avoid this scam.

How to avoid being scammed by these third-party agents. Here’s how:

1. Only change your address at official USPS website.

2. Make sure that the third-party company has a good reputation and legit. Do not give your credit or debit card details unless you are sure of what they are charging you of.

3. Check your credit card monthly statement for unapproved charges. Contact your bank immediately to report this.

Here is the guideline in changing address online at website. You can do this using your smart phones, tablets or computers with internet access.

How to change address online:

Change of address online

1. Go to website. Here is the link Then click Get Started button.

2. You will be redirected to Official USPS Change of Address page. Then click the proper button if you want permanent or temporary change of address. Provide the necessary information and fill out the form.

3. Provide your new address details. After filling in the correct information, click submit. Note: Always double check the data you provided before clicking submit.

There is another way to post office change of address fee free by visiting your local Postal office.

How to change address at US Postal office:

1. Request for Mover’s guide packet.

2. Fill out the PS Form 3575 inside the packet. After providing the necessary information, give the accomplished form to the postal worker at the counter. Or you can drop it in the letter mail slot inside the post office.

3. After five (5) business days you will receive confirmation letter at your new address.

Change of Address to Temporary or Permanent

Changing your address to temporary address is an option if you are planning to move back to your previous address in less than six (6) months. If you have no plan to moving back, then you opt to permanent address. Further, you can also set the date when you want to begin forwarding the mails or packages to your new address. The mail forwarding date must not be more than thirty (30) days, or more than three (3) months from the day you apply. You will start receiving your mail at your new address after seven (7) – ten (10) postal days after the effective date you applied.

You can also cancel, edit or view your change of address order. You just go to their page, View, Edit or Cancel Your Change of Address Order page to do the necessary actions to want. You just enter on the fields the confirmation code and the zip code. Confirmation code can be found in the confirmation email sent you during the change of address. Or can be found on the confirmation email sent to your new address.