What Are the Different Types of Moving Companies and Moving Services?

Moving is a challenging experience. It is not just about relocating yourself but also means having new life, new environment, hence, new experience. Aside from the fact that you relocate yourself, this comes along with moving your belongings. This can be tedious and exhausting. Moving means a lot of hard work. But with proper planning you can overcome this experience smoothly. First, you need to know what kind is your move and what type of mover do you need. There are many companies that offer moving services. Moving companies are classified according to the type of services they offer and the distance they operate.

Difference between Moving companies and moving services

Types of Movers.

Listed below are the types of movers. This will help you understand which will meet your needs.

Local Movers

This is a type of moving company that usually operates on a predefined mile radius. A local move is not going outside of a state. A local move is within 50 miles up to 100 miles radius or within the boundaries of the same state. Local movers charged by hour. Final moving cost will be calculated by the number of work hours. The number of hours will be determined by time the moving crew load and unload your belongings, and the time of transport.

Long-Distance Movers

Long distance movers operate by relocating your stuffs more than 100 miles away from current home. Usually these are interstate kind of moving. But this could be also intrastate as long as the distance exceeds 100 miles. The moving fee is based on the weight of your cargo and the actual distance from point of origin to final destination. Hire trustworthy and well-regarded movers to ensure that your belongings are transported safely. There are 2 types of long-distance move, the full service move and self service move. Full service move is all leg-works will be done by the moving company workers. From packing, loading, transporting to the destination, unloading and even unpacking your belongings. While the Self-service move is a type of move that offers only loading your belongings, transporting to the destination and unloading them. Unpacking your things will be all up to you.

International Movers

International moving companies specializes in moving inter-country. Moving to a different country requires lots of paperwork. For stress free, you need the expertise of international movers to ensure a safe and hassle-free inter-country move. International moving costs are calculated based on the volume of the shipment which is measures in cubic meters or cubic feet.

Commercial Movers

Commercial movers offer expertise in relocating businesses. This is relocating an office, a corporation, a shop, a warehouse, etc. to a new business address. This can be provided by commercial movers since they have proper training, extensive experience and advance technology to ensure relocation of business in safe and in efficient manner. This requires great manpower, specialized moving equipment, and specific packing techniques.

Household movers

Household movers assist shippers of household item, stage by stage of moving process.

Small movers

Small movers involve any local move like moving from one dorm or apartment to another with belonging less than 2000 pounds. With this kind of move, just hire one man. They provide services suitable for your needs and preferences of moving.

Partial movers

This type of moving service is hiring movers for specific moving assistance:

• Packing Services- This kind of service will help you pack your things. Or if you have delicate and valuable that needs expertise in this kind of packing, you can request for professional packing service. They will come to your home to pack your things at your agreed day and time. They will prepare your belongings for shipment safely, quickly and efficiently. You can transport your packed belongings or have the professional movers do it.

• Loading and Unloading services - If you are not able to lift heavy items, you can request for this service. A couple of workers will be send to you to assist in loading your items to the moving truck, transport your belonging to your new address, and unload the shipment for you. You will be charge per hour.

• Small load moving services- If shipment weighs less than 1,000 pounds, then this kind of service is best for you. Your belongings will be transported along with other people’s belongings. This will take longer to deliver.

The cost charge for moving company services rendered is determined by the total distance, type of move, number of workers, and the type of transport.


If you are moving, then you must know about the different types of moving companies. Also, there is a detailed discussion about the types of movers. The different kinds like long-distance and commercial movers they have different types of rules than house-hold and small movers. This article will be helpful to those who want to know the different types of moving.