How to Transfer and Set up Your Services & Utilities When You Move

One of the to-do things list when you are moving is transferring services and utilities. In case you're anywhere near moving, you'll need to know how to move your utilities and services before you get to your new home. Being organized is the key for smooth and easy way of moving to your new address. We set up together this convenient guide to help you effectively move your utilities and arrive at your new home with zero pressure and hassle.

Much the same as your boxes and furniture, you likewise need to facilitate the transfer of your utilities to your new home. Neglecting to transfer, cancel, or turn on utilities could leave you with trouble on Moving Day, or more badly, costly past-due bills.

It just takes a couple of telephone calls and a tad of organizing to quickly and efficiently check "set up utilities" off of your list.

Around three to about a month prior to the move day, you'll need to begin contemplating what utilities you'll have to cancel off in your old home and turn on in your new home. It might appear to be overwhelming yet with a little of arranging and calling around, you can confidently ensure yourself on the big move day that basic services needed at your new home is dealt with.

List of Utilities and Services to transfer when moving:

List of Utilities and Services-Mover-Pro-Hub

Make a list of all the utility companies you presently have accounts with. List down their telephone numbers and your record numbers with each to make life simpler when you call to move your utilities. They can be difficult to monitor, so here is a list of the most common utilities you should move:

• Electricity

• Gas

• Internet

• Water

• TV/Internet (find your provider here)

• Waste Removal

• Cable/ Satellite TV

• Landline telephone

• Home security

Your checklist should include the category, provider, contact data, and your concern or your action whether you are to cancel, transfer or set up service.

Make a timetable for shut-off and activation dates. It's a smart idea to have your utilities at the new address turned on the day preceding moving in and shut off at the old home the day subsequent to moving out. In case you're moving out of a condo or rental unit, you may need to counsel with the property proprietor/administrator to arrange shut-off dates. It's ideal to advise utility companies of the activation and shut-off dates three weeks lead time. You can typically do this by telephone or through the utility service's site. You also need to settle first your outstanding balances before activation or cancellation of services.

Setting up Utilities in Your New Home before You Move House

Documents for Change of Address

Update your address. Utility companies need both your physical address and your mailing address to verify. They'll have to know the area where service will be given (or where it will be shut-off) and where to send future bills or return deposits. Remember to also change your address information with the postal service.

Always have your documents ready for transferring services. Water and waste removal are normally given through the city or province. But if you are leasing, you won't have to stress over registering these services yourself – they will be secured by your property management company. However, if you own your new home, you need to register to this service yourself. There are a couple of records that you ought to get ready to have available when you register for this service.

• Identification document - Valid driver's permit, visa, alien registration card, state-issued picture ID

• Proof of residence at your new address - Lease/tenant contract, contract/proof of homeownership

• Completed Service Application for your new country

• Direct Debit Authorization Form

Use this general guideline, and make certain to check with your city/province for their particular requirements.

Be sure to have somebody to be home for activation. Most service company requires that you or somebody who can sign in your behalf is available when the service company comes to turn everything on.

The last step to moving utilities when moving house is to have your utility provider to do final reading of the electric, water and gas meters just before you move out for good.

Keep the meters reading reports in a safe place. You could use those reports as proof if unexpected billing sent to your new address, claiming you still have outstanding balance, when you already move out during that period.

It is a smart idea to take photographs of those meter readings before you move out for your double insurance. Also use timestamp of your camera.


For hustle free moving there are some points which must be followed the above points are explained in detail for people moving. The list includes important information to be monitored some points from the list include electricity, gas, internet, water and also the waste removal. Some Documents to be added after setting up moving like Identification of document with proof of residence for your address. This article will help those people that need information regarding the move.