Why it's important to manage delivery online.

manage delivery online, manage delivery through phone

USPS Informed Delivery as much as it is an optional service, it can be very necessary for users of USPS, which every user should opt for. It is a free service that gives residential consumers the option of previewing their letter-sized mail-pieces and managing their packages that are supposed to arrive soon. USPS informed. Delivery makes receiving mails more convenient for the users as they can preview their mail that is scheduled to come into their mailbox anywhere and on any device. To make the sorting of the mails more automated, the United States Postal Service (USPS) informed delivery works by capturing digital images of the front of letter-sized mail-pieces through the automation equipment. Users who have opted for the USPS informed Delivery then receive digital notifications before their physical will be delivered.

The entire household benefits from informed Delivery as it makes sure everyone can see into scheduled mail and package Delivery every day. With informed Delivery, users can take action before the important things get to their mailbox while the mailers can also use the opportunity to engage their users through digital marketing campaigns and synchronized direct mail. Users get to interact with their scheduled income mail in a single spot. In the email notifications that users receive, they get to see the grayscale images of the exterior of the mail-piece, and the address side of the mail-pieces that the user is expecting.

Process to track package online.

usps tracking, Process to track package online.

You can also visit the link informeddelivery.usps.com to access the dashboard where you can see all the images. Larger mail-pieces like magazines or catalogues are only available for viewing if the mailer has enabled a synchronized digital marketing campaign. The delivery status of any item with USPS Tracking will be available for viewing by users. Users will also be able to manage their notifications, submit delivery instructions to USPS as well as use their dashboard to schedule redelivery. Most of the USPS domestic packages that have been linked to the address used in a USPS account will be available on the Informed Delivery dashboard automatically. All the users have to do is log into their accounts, and they will be able to perform any action they want. They can also get text or email notifications containing tracking updates for incoming mail packages.

Images of mail-piece are available on the dashboard for seven days, while package information will be displayed for fifteen days after the Delivery of the packages. Users can choose whether they want to receive notifications by text or mail for their incoming packages.

As a USPS user, you will be able to sign up for informed Delivery only if you live at a residential address that is eligible for the service, and your identity can be verified. You need to have a personal USPS account to access this service too. If you do not have an account.

Follow the steps below to sign up for one.

i. Visit informeddelivery.usps.com

ii. Click on “Sign up for Free.”

iii. Type in your address to confirm its eligibility. If your address is not eligible, you can proceed with creating the account so you can use USPS Click-N-Ship or Postal Store. If your address is eligible, log into your account on usps.com.

iv. If you do not have a usps.com account and you have to create a new one, click on “Informed Delivery” at the top right corner of your profile page.

v. Click on “Enroll” and then “Account Management,” then, click on the “Informed Delivery” box after scrolling down the screen to expand it.

vi. Check the boxes to accept the terms and conditions, certify your address and then click on “Enroll in Informed Delivery.”

vii. Answer all the Identity Verification questions if not done already.

viii. Your notifications should start coming in within a week.

If you follow all these steps, you will not have to experience the problem of USPS Informed Delivery, not working. USPS Informed Delivery cost is free. All you need to do is sign up and edit your settings to allow Informed Delivery notifications. If anything changes about this service, USPS will communicate this information to mailers so they can be aware of those changes.