Some Tips for How to Move your bed and Mattress

While your home is full of significant objects and chairs, none of them is like your house! It is no easy task to move a bed and mattress from the mattress and box spring to the frame and headboard–especially if you do it without professionals ' help. The good news: to help you, here we are. Whether you're on the street or in the woods, here are some tips for successful movements of your bed and mattress.

Move your Mattress

Pros for Moving Your Bed without Hiring Professionals

For several reasons, moving your bed and mattress is a good idea:

a)a) By not hiring movers, you will save a load of money. It can cost thousands of people, depending on the distance and what you move to hire a professional moving company to drive home;

b) You will have full control of your move by moving your bed. You will be able to choose how best to pack your bed to move it into your new home if the bed is extremely old or valuable.

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What to Know Before You Begin to Moving Mattress

Take into account its size first. It is possible that a king size mattress can be moved easier than a queen bed. It is because a box spring in king size is usually separated in two box springs and color of king size. Although the majority of containers of queen size are not broken. It could make the moves, down narrow corridors and around sharp corners easier to maneuver

Moving Bed and Mattress

What You’re Going to need when moving a Mattress by Yourself

1. Bags for protection from the water dust and general wear and tear of all mattresses.

2. Friends! To bring your mattress, box spring, and frame down the stairs and through the doors, you will need an extra set of hands. You may also need assistance to hoist the bed in your truck.

3. Bubble wrap and tape.

4. Moving straps, if you need help lifting

5. A rented dolly if your bed is especially massive.

6. A screwdriver or wrench to disassemble a bed.

7. Plastic bag to keep all the bed’s nuts and bolts safe after removing.

How to Move the Bed

It is quite straight forward to take a bed apart. Wash all bed sheets, pillows, blankets, and comforters and pack them first. When packaged and taken down, pack the mattress and box in your suitable protective mattress bags. Take each item carefully to the truck along its length. Make sure you have a friend.

You should start disassembling the bed frame once the mattresses and cases movements are out of the way. This is where an all-round screwdriver can be useful. Ensure that all screws and tiny parts are saved in a safe and secure bag. I could highly recommend wrapping the bed and headboard in bubble wrap and/or moving protection blankets. And, once they take them outside, they'll never touch the windows. It also stops your bed from becoming destroyed.

What Size of Truck You Should Require for Rent

Size of truck for Rent

You will need the right vehicle to push a bed and mattress yourself. You can rent a confined truck or moving a car from all kinds of places like U-Haul, Penske, U-Pack, and budget for those unfortunate few who don't have any truck driving friends

To give you a better idea of what size truck you’re going to need, check out U-Haul’s options:

1. 8 ft. The ability to hold a twin bed truck

2. Cargo van – capable of holding a queen mattress set

3. 10 ft. Moving truck includes – that can hold a one or two-bedroom house


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