Before hiring a moving company 5 key questions to ask

Hiring a moving company is a big help in transporting your belongings. Moving is exhausting. Packing alone is energy-draining task. Not only the packing of your belongings but all others things to be done that entails when you are moving to another place. Fortunately, there are moving companies that we can hire. But what are the things to consider when hiring a moving company. Find a reputable moving company. Check out the company before hiring them. There are instances that they will estimate cost you cheaper, but will demand much larger amount before they unload your belongings. Start by asking questions before you invite them to do a walk-through in your home for cost estimate.

Top 5 Questions to ask when hiring a mover

Here are 5 important questions to ask movers before hiring them.

1: What is the registration number of the moving company?

Moving companies must be registered to US Department of Transportation and with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Once a moving company is registered with these agencies, they are given with USDOT registration number. Keep in mind to hire only legit moves to avoid trouble along the process of moving.

2: What is a cost estimate?

Moving companies have a rate. Mostly they provide a rate per pound and a distance rate. Be cautious if they quote based on cubic feet. If you’re a moving in long –distance, a cost estimate must be based on weight. For short distances, some moving companies will charge per hour rate. Whereas the estimate depends on the type of the carrier provides, both per hour rate and pound rate is fixed. Bear in mind that estimate cost will be given in writing. Estimate cost will include all charges, and both the mover and you must sign it to be an agreement. This must also indicate the mode of payment and dated.

Ask questions you when hiring for moving company

3: Do you have additional fees if moving truck arrives before me, for oversized items and surcharges for fuel?

Ask for any fees associated with warehouses and storage if delivery arrived earlier. If move is local, you can expect that it will arrive within the day. But if it is longer distance, factors will determine the delivery date and time. Oversized and bulky items may be subject to charges. With regards to the fuel, some company adds refuelling costs to final moving cost. Also to avoid these costs, notify your mover of any larger items, and other factors like high-rise or condominium, elevator usages and load restrictions and even parking restrictions. Further, if your current or new address is inaccessible for a large carrier truck or van, movers might arrange for shuttle service, and this will incur additional cost. If moving destination is in remote area, additional charges may include for fuel surcharges and transportation surcharges. You can visit our site for more information regarding to the move to a new homeland.

4: Are my belonging insured?

Moving company often provide insurance at additional cost. This is usually based on weight. You need to assess the value of goods against the insurance policy will provide if your belongings arrive damaged or lost. The standard coverage is 60 cents per pound, and this is not enough to cover the value of the damaged item.

Hiring a Moving Company

5: Can you refer prior customers?

Moving company with history of satisfied customers will be able to provide contact information for those individuals. Also, it’s nice to hear first hand review if you speak to them than of reading it online. Some companies post fake reviews. Also, moving companies which received awards for service are a significant indication of reliability and high quality.

It does not mean not asking these questions, your moving company has poor service. These questions to ask moving companies are just your safe button before hiring. This is just a guideline for safe transaction and trouble-free moving. Further, please note that there are two types of moving company: brokers and carriers. The brokers are licensed to book moving services and arrange shipments while carriers are owners of its fleet trucks. For all Facilities broker charges a fee, including relocation services, logistics and provides customer services. Thus, broker cost more than of carriers. Want to know more about how to moving from a house, see here.


If you are hiring a moving company, then this article is for you. Some important questions to be asked for movers before hiring. Some important questions to be asked like what is the registration number estimated cost and any additional fees involved in trucks. These are some of the important questions to ask.