Protect Yourself from Common Moving Scams

There are numerous people who make their living by going after clueless individuals who are helpless. Unscrupulous individuals use various types of plans to swindle others out of their cash and assets. Unfortunately, that can includes moving companies that exploit clients who are uninformed of a portion of the stunts that can be executed on them.

Moving scams are submitted by rogue operators that exist basically on the web. They request business by offering low estimates, regularly without to such an extent as laying an eye on what's to be moved. They may request a big deposits, or even full instalment ahead of time.

Protect Yourself from Common Moving Scams

Odds are you have a great deal on your plate, from changing utilities to packing your life in boxes when you're moving. The last thing you can think of falling to a scam.

Hiring a moving company is a big help in transporting your belongings. Moving is exhausting. Packing alone is energy-draining task. Not only the packing of your belongings but all others things to be done that entails when you are moving to another place. Fortunately, there are moving companies that we can hire. But what are the things to consider when hiring a moving company. Find a reputable moving company. Check out the company before hiring them. There are instances that they will estimate cost you cheaper, but will demand much larger amount before they unload your belongings.

Checklist of protect my move against moving scams

Registration number of the moving company

Moving companies must be registered to US Department of Transportation and with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Once a moving company is registered with these agencies, they are given with USDOT registration number. Keep in mind to hire only legit moves to avoid trouble along the process of moving.

FIDI Accredited International Mover (FIDI FAIM)?

If you’re moving internationally, know if moving company is FIDI accredited. FIDI is the primary association for international movers providing quality services worldwide. The moving company must comply with the very strict quality requirements to be FIDI Accredited International Mover. They will also be periodically assessed by independent auditor. They must provide protection measures and insurance to protect the customer. Choosing FIDI member is like of quality commitment from A to Z.

Low cost estimate

Moving companies have a rate. Mostly they provide a rate per pound and a distance rate. Be cautious if they quote based on cubic feet. If you’re a moving in long –distance, a cost estimate must be based on weight. For short distances, some moving companies will charge per hour rate. Whereas the estimate depends on the type of the carrier provides, both per hour rate and pound rate is fixed. Bear in mind that estimate cost will be given in writing. Estimate cost will include all charges, and both the mover and you must sign it to be an agreement. This must also indicate the mode of payment and dated.

Reference of prior customers

Moving company with history of satisfied customers will be able to provide contact information for those individuals. Also, it’s nice to hear first hand review if you speak to them than of reading it online. Some companies post fake reviews. Also, moving companies which received awards for service are a significant indication of reliability and high quality.

Extravagant Deposit

Requesting a big amount deposit is one of the most widely recognized moving fraud. You might be guaranteed a helpful time span for your turn, or ideal conditions, or better services as a by product of this expense ahead of time. If you concur and pre-pay a huge sum, you may discover they vanish. Along these lines, as a general guideline, never pay more than 20 % of the estimated final moving expenses in advance, utilize a credit card (not money), and pick a refundable deposit, if possible. Credit cards can be halted or refunded to you, and a written agreement for a refundable deposit will give you grounds to be taken seriously later on.


This article is helpful to those people who want to protect themselves from a change of address. There can be many scams in address change the detail discussion of how to defend ourselves is explained in the above article. The first step is to know whether the company has a registration number. If the company has, then ask for the registration number. A legit company will never say no to give the registration number. If the company is international mover, then will be FIDI accredited how to know whether they are credited or not is explained here. There should be an estimated cost for moving, and it should be as low as affordable. The other point is about taking reference from the other customers. Every moving company has terms and conditions list and will never ask for the full amount when moving. If you want to know how to hire best moving company then check our more blogs

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