All the Places You Need to Notify of Your Change of Address

There is so much that goes into changing your address, which is not limited to buying packing supplies and boxes or hiring professional movers. Of course, those are important, but you also must make sure you notify the right people, organization, and agencies of your intended move. This change of address checklist is one that every intending mover should have to save themselves from unnecessary stress. Nobody wants to move to a new address and start having issues like lapses in service or missing their bills. If you don't know where to start, this moving checklist is a compilation of who to notify of change of address.

Change of Address Checklist

Change Of Address Checklist

1. The Post Office

This is the first place to start so that the USPS will forward mail sent to your old address to your new address for the next 12 months. You can notify address change with the post office online a week before your move date.

2. Tax Agencies and Social Security Administration

Both the state and federal revenue agencies should know that you're moving to a new address. You will need to fill out a simple online form with the IRS, where you will notify address change. For the Tax agency in your state, you can check the website for information on how to notify address change.

If you are a beneficiary of any social security, you should include the Social Security Administration in your moving checklist. You can fill the form to do this online.

3. Utility Company

This is one of the most important items on your moving checklist. You must get it done early enough before your move date so that when you move in, all the essential things that you need in the house are up and running. Arrange for the electricity at your old address to be shut off on your move day while the one at the new address should be turned on by the time you move into the house.

The same thing applies to your internet and phone service providers. It will not make so much sense if you move into your new home without the internet or phone running. Call the internet, phone, and cable service companies to inform them of the address change so that they can know where to send your bills. You must also notify the garbage company, the recycling company, the water department, and the sewer utility company so that they can know about the change of address.

4. Insurance Provider

Notify your insurance agency, whether renters or homeowner's insurance, about your new address so they can transfer your policy appropriately. Some landlords may ask you to prepare a proof of transfer before you move in; make sure you have this ready. Also, ask the insurance provider if your belongings are protected while you move them and if they are not, consider getting moving insurance.

Other insurance providers should also be included in this moving checklist, such as health insurance, car insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance.

5. Your employer

Even if you receive your paychecks directly in your bank account, you should still notify your employer about your change of address so that your tax forms and pay stubs can be sent to the right address.

6. Credit card company and bank

You should change your address with your bank and the company that issued your credit card. Check if you can change this information online.

7. Online Shopping sites

We all have our favorite shopping stores, where we buy things frequently. Those should also be part of who to notify of change of address. Take your time to go through each of them and change your address to prevent situations where your orders will be sent to your old address.

8. Family and Friends

This group is very important as they are your loved ones and those who should know about this major life change. Send them a mass mail to notify them of your new address so that they do not keep going to your old address to check on you or send packages.

Other people you need to add to your moving checklist are your individual service providers such as your doctor, veterinarian, dentist, landscaper, etc. inform them so they can send you bills and mails at your new address. If you are moving further away from your current address, they may have referrals in the new area that you are moving to.


The importance of notifying the government agencies have been explained here. Creation of the checklist for the address change. The importance of starting from the post office notification related to moving. The importance of notifyng the state and fedral revenue agencies. Other important agencies to be notified while address change