Can I Pick up a USPS Package before Delivery?

Have you ever experienced or asked if you can pick up a package or parcel from USPS before delivery. Or you need the package urgently and you want to get hold of it soon. If ever you have been thinking about it. The answer is YES, there is USPS pick up package before delivery. How is this possible? Packages, parcels or any cargo are received in the warehouse every morning. After which, packages are first sorted in the warehouse before delivery. When everything is sorted according to area, that’s when it is being dispatched. Receiving and sorting of packages before distribution happens every 6-8 in the morning. By 8 o’clock in the morning, packages are already ready for distribution and dispatch. For you to get hold of package for pick up, you need to call someone in their office to hold the package. You just need to provide certain information like consignee’s name and tracking number, or control numbers of the package. Then, package will be hold for you, and then you can get your package at their claiming window. You just need to bring and present your proof of identification.

You Can Pick up your package before delivery at post office

But how to know that the package has not yet been dispatch. Cause clearly, if the package is already dispatched to carrier, you might have difficulty in getting hold of the package for pick up. But there is a way to know the status of your package. The has a feature of tracking your package. You just need to provide and type in the tracking number to know the status and whereabouts of your package. But you need to sign up and register first to enjoy this feature. Then you can track your packages, mail or cargo of its status.

You Can also Download USPS Package Delivery Application

Another is their informed delivery. You can receive message if you have a package or mail on the way. You can receive notifications in your Smartphone’s, tablets or computer. You just need to sign up first, provide your personal details and verified. Informed delivery app can also be downloaded. It is free and downloadable for iOS, Android and Windows in your app store. Once you have your application, you can now view your incoming mail, and track your incoming packages online, whenever, wherever you are. Now you can monitor your mail and packages even when you are travelling.

Another advantage of informed delivery is you can have an advance digital view of the mail. USPS will provide the greyscale images of the exterior and address side of the incoming letter-sized mail pieces send as notification to your email.

If you missed a delivery, you can have it schedule to be redelivered at your most convenient time. Now, if you’re really busy and you have no time to wait. You can leave delivery instructions if you are not home to accept your mail or your package.

One feature of USPS. com is USPS Package Intercept. USPS Package Intercept is to stop or redirect a package or letter which are not yet delivery or out for delivery. This is one way of USPS pickup before delivery. This can be done by the sender or receiver.

How does it work?

If you want to know more information about moving checklist visit here.

1. Verify if the package or mail is eligible for Package Intercept.

2. Submit request for intercept through account, if eligible.

3. After submission of request, you will be provided with the estimated cost for the intercept. They will then intercept or redirect the package or mail.

4. If the package is intercepted, the cost will be charged to your credit card at minimal amount. This is payment for intercept fee and postage. Actual cost of postage will be charged accordingly.

5. Package or mail will be held at local Postal office for pick up or redirected to the sender.

Intercepted packages are treated as Priority Mail. Fees are applied, except if the package is originally Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, or First-class Mail. Customers are not charged if package is not intercepted. Customers can also avail at cost additional services for intercepted package, like Adult Signature Required, Adult Signature Restricted Delivery, Signature Confirmation, and Insurance.


There are times when you need the urgent delivery of the packages or the mail at that time you would have a question that can we pick up the parcel before the delivery. The answer is yes you can pick up the package there is a simple procedure to apply for the package delivery. You will also have tips and tricks for the pickup of the USPS package before delivery in this article. This article is helpful to those customers who need to celebrate their particular date with loved ones and want delivery on or before that their select date.