What to Do With Moving Boxes after You Move

Changing the place of residence isn’t an easy task, is it?

So is unpacking stuff and dealing with the left-over boxes afterward!

However, if you know what exactly to do with those empty boxes, the job becomes a lot easier.

What to Do With Moving Boxes after You Move

20 great ways of utilizing Moving Boxes

1. Save boxes for future use

If you are someone who lives in a rented apartment or changes places quite often, it will be in your best interest to save the boxes for future use.

2. Use boxes for storage

There are some things that we only use occasionally. These boxes are great for storing such stuff.

3. These boxes are useful for DIY projects

Taking into consideration that the Christmas season is just around the corner, empty cardboard boxes can be used for packing presents and gifts. In addition to this, if you are getting your new house painted, then you can even unfold these boxes and use them to protect the floor.

4. Utilize boxes in gardening

If your new place has a garden, use these boxes in it. These boxes can be used as self-recycling dustbins in the garden or as weed killers.

5. Boxes can be helpful for play

Does your household have children? If yes, there exist endless possibilities as to how you can utilize these boxes for play. You can make dollhouses, castles, a kitchen, and several other similar things out of these boxes.

6. Sell the boxes to your movers

Moving companies are usually on a look-out for cardboard boxes. Hence, once you are done shifting, the smart thing to do is to sell your boxes to your moving company.

7. Sell boxes on Box Cycle

You will be surprised to know that there exists a platform named BoxCycle which brings together buyers and sellers of boxes. Use it!

8. Sell boxes on Craigslist

Another such platform is Craigslist. Sell off your boxes and make some extra cash!

9. Sell boxes on U-Haul Box Exchange

If you want to make a profit by selling off your boxes, use U-Haul Box Exchange.

10. Sell boxes on Next Door

This platform provides a chance to sell off your boxes in your neighborhood. Do try it out! Like Movers-Pro-Hub

11. Gift the boxes to your neighbors

If you are really eager to get rid of the boxes, what could be better than gifting it to your neighbors who are moving out?

12. Gift the boxes to friends

Do you think that these empty boxes are completely useless? Gift them to a friend who is moving out and brace yourself for unlimited praise!

13. Give away boxes for free on Craigslist

You can also use Craigslist to give your boxes away for free to anyone who needs them. Do that!

14. Give away your boxes on the Freecycle Network

Freecycle is on the mission to keep the usable items away from the garbage bin and you can support it by giving away your used boxes through this platform.

15. Give away used boxes on U-Haul Box Exchange

You can even give away your boxes for free on U-Haul Box Exchange by choosing the option of giving them to anyone who needs them without demanding any monetary benefit.

16. Put used boxes outside your house

You can put used boxes outside your house with a tag that says ‘Take them away for free’. In no time the boxes will be taken away by those who need them.

17. Give used boxes in charity

There are tons of charities that need used boxes to transport material back and forth from their charity carnivals. Donate the boxes to either of them!

18. Give away used boxes for recycling

If the boxes have been completely destroyed during shifting, then they should be given away for recycling. A number of organizations are working in this field. You can choose whichever one you like and give away your used boxes to them.

19. Throw away boxes for curbside recycling

Dump your used boxes in recycling bins so that waste disposal workers can pick them up and deliver to recycling sites.

20. Give away boxes to a recycling center

Gather all the broken and torn boxes on a vehicle and transport them to a recycling center where they will be treated responsibly.


After moving the important things which create huge hurdle after unpacking is Boxes. The boxes are useful in many ways the importance of boxes can be explained in this latest article. This article is helpful for those who have recently moved and want to do something useful with boxes. Hope you follow at least one of the ideas with boxes.