How To Move A Hot Tub By Yourself [Complete Instructions]

There is nothing better than coming back home after a long, tiring day and relaxing in your hot tub with a glass of wine, or hosting your own private spa party for your friends in your backyard that has a hot tub.

Having your own hot tub is a luxury that only a few can afford. However, when it comes to moving it, you will probably consider yourself lucky that you don’t have it because it’s not an easy task - but it’s not impossible either.

Move A Hot Tub By Yourself

You can either hire professionals movers to do the job, or you can do it yourself. The former is easy but expensive, which is why some people go for the latter i.e. moving the hot tub by themselves. Considering how heavy and big a hot tub is, you shouldn’t move it yourself unless you’re completely sure about it. If you are, here are you will have to take to move a hot tub by yourself:

9 simple step to move a hot tub by yourself:

Step 1: Take the measurements

The first thing you need to do is to measure the size of the hot tub to assess how large the truck must be that will transport it. You can fit the tub either vertically (on its sides) or horizontally (like it usually is).

Step 2: Book a Truck

Once you’ve taken the measurements, you need to find a suitable truck, that will fit the jacuzzi. Usually, a hot tub fits in a medium-sized truck but in case you need a bigger one, you should probably call a moving company

Step 3: Inspect the Exit

You will have to check that the exit path for the tub is big enough to let it pass, and also check that it is clear of any obstacles. This is particularly important as while carrying the tub, you won’t be able to see what’s ahead and there is a high risk of injury involved.

Step 4: Disconnect the Power Supply

Disconnect your jacuzzi from the power supply. Make sure you properly pack the cord(s) in a bubble wrap and put them in the storage enclosure in the side panel of the hot tub. Make sure you do this as electrical cords dangling around can be extremely dangerous.

Step 5: Drain the Water

Using the side panel, turn off the water supply and drain the entire tub. It is advisable that you read the instructions manual before you go ahead with it. If the tub is placed in your backyard, then you can easily let the water drain in the garden. Otherwise, you will need a hosepipe.

Step 6: Removing the Hot Tub Cover

If your hot tub has a cover, it is recommended that you remove it and notify before moving the tub to prevent it from damage during transit. You can reattach it later (do not forget to keep the screws in a safe place!).

Step 7: Placing the Tub in the Truck

This is the toughest part. To load the jacuzzi on the truck, you will need 4 pieces of wood. You will have to lift the tub (with others’ help, of course) and place one piece of wood under each side. Make sure that the tub is at least 4 inches above the ground.

Step 8: Transporting through Dollies

Transporting through Dollies

After placing the wood pieces, you will need to use dollies to move the tub. If you have two furniture dollies, then you won’t need to turn the tub. Place the front side of the tub on one dolly, and the back on another.

If you have one appliance dolly, then the process can be a bit difficult as you will have to turn the tub on its side. However, it’s not impossible. Just make sure that the side panel is not below to prevent any damage to it. In either case, fasten the tub to the dollies with the help of straps.

Step 9: Loading the Truck

This step must be exercised with caution. Go up the loading ramp slowly and steadily to avoid any mishap. Once it’s inside the truck, leave the dollies underneath the structure and tie the jacuzzi to the sides of the truck to prevent it from moving. Alas, you’re done!