Home depot moving boxes: How much do you need while moving?

It’s time to pack belongings, and you somehow do not know where to start. Packing can be a complicated task. You get stuck in determining how many boxes do I need and where can I buy them. So how to get things done. First you need to estimate the things you need to pack by looking the contents of your home. Sometimes a couple can live in a larger house but have minimal belongings. Or living in one-bedroom apartment with a baby, thus, have plenty to pack. There is no exact way to know how many boxes you really need. But here are the tips that might help you with this laborious task. Factors that determines on how many moving boxes do you I need. Statistically the average number of boxes for a house move is 60. But basically each household differs from each other’s house content.

Estimate: How much do you need packing boxes?

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1. How many rooms you have in your current house. Most of moving Companies calculators based their computation on the number of rooms. The more rooms there are in a household, the more packing boxes you need.

2. Measurement of your house. The square foot measurement of your house gives more precise idea of the occupied space than of the number of rooms.

3. Number of people living in the house. The more people living in the house, the more belongings there are to packing when moving.

4. How many years have you actually live in your house. The longer the time spent living in the house, means the more accumulated things over the year.

5. What lifestyle you have will also determine the amount of things to pack. If you are minimalist or modest, or hoarder, the rough estimate of how many boxes depends on the lifestyle you have.

6. Declutter before packing. Decluttering unwanted items will lower the number of boxes that you actually need in packing.

7. Download an app that will help you with the inventory of your belongings.

Now you have an estimate number of packing boxes you need. Another factor is the sizes of the boxes. There are four primary sizes of boxes available:

Boxes sizes available for moving:

• Small packing boxes: 1.5 cubic feet

This size of box can hold 20 magazines or 6 bottles of wine. It good for small heavy items like books and cleaning supplies.

• Medium Packing boxes: 1.5-3 cubic feet

This can hold 5-15 cans and boxes of non-perishable goods. This is ideal box for packing your pantry.

• Large packing boxes: 2.5-3.5 cubic feet

This box size is best for packing your shoes and folded clothes. This can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes. This will come handy in packing your wardrobe.

• Extra-large Packing boxes: 3.6+ cubic feet

Even if this biggest size, try not to make these boxes heavy so that you still can carry them. Pack your lightest things on these boxes, like toys sandwich in between blankets.

There are also specially-designed boxes made for hanging clothes, for books and for dishes. They are called specialty packing boxes.

• Book boxes – 1 cubic foot

These are small, strong boxes that can pack books. Its size is 12” x 12” designed to hold most size book, and to avoid over packing them.

• Dish barrel boxes - 5.25 cubic feet

This is specially designed to packing dishes. It has extra thick walls that help to keep your dishes safe.

• Wardrobe boxes – 11-16 cubic feet

This is in elongated shape and built in hanging rod, which is available in 3 different sizes.

Doing a rough moving estimate for number of boxes by number of rooms:

• Studio apartment: 15 medium boxes, 13 large boxes, 7 extra-large boxes, 4 wardrobe boxes, and 3 picture boxes

• 1-bedroom apartment: 20 medium boxes, 16 large boxes, 8 extra-large boxes, 4 wardrobe boxes, 4 picture boxes

• 2-bedroom apartment: 30 medium boxes, 22 large boxes, 10 extra-large boxes, 4 wardrobe boxes, 6 picture boxes

• 3-bedroom house: 45 medium boxes, 31 large boxes, 13 extra-large boxes, 4 wardrobe boxes, 9 picture boxes

What other things that I need when packing:

Packing tape – You need packing tape to secure your boxes. For each tape roll, you will be able to tape 30-40 boxes taping it top to bottom. Do not be stingy about it. It will be worth it.

Paper and bubble wrap – this will secure you glassware and other fragile items. At least prepare 20 feet bubble wrap and 3 lbs of packing paper.

Markers – Prepare 3-4 markers when packing. This is for labelling the boxes. So when unpacking your things, it will be easy to recognize and sort your belongings.

Labels – as recommended you need to label to sides of the box, so you can easily sort things. That way you have one more side covered during unload. And choose colored labels, assigning a color for each room.