Essential Things to Pack Moving Day

It’s finally here. The day you had been planning for, for so long. No, we are not talking about your graduation or wedding day - we are talking about your moving day!

Moving day is one of its kind - either it will be one of the most memorable and special days of your life, or you won’t remember a thing as you spend the whole day indulged in the tiring while feeling emotional. In a nutshell, the whole moving process is so chaotic that on the moving day, you will most likely be on autopilot - incapable of making the right decisions and thinking stuff through.

Essential Things At Time Of Moving

Important things to pack on moving day

To make your moving a smooth, hassle-free process, here is a list of essential moving supplies that you must keep with you (apart from an alert mind and patience):

1: Spare Packing Supplies

Imagine this: the big day is here. The movers are right outside your door waiting for your permission to start loading your furniture and boxes in the truck. You take one last round of your house, checking all the drawers and cupboards only to come across a cabinet or drawer full of kitchen supplies, or your children’s toys. What do you do then? You pack them quickly! But how? The answer is simple: You keep extra package of supplies with you. Keeping spare packing supplies, including boxes, packing tape, permanent marks, and bags can help you pack things at the last minute.

2: Clean Bedding and Pillows

What’s the thing we all love after a long, tiring day? A freshly made clean bed. As we mentioned earlier, moving is a hectic process - especially on the moving day. Half of your day is spent shifting stuff from your old home to the new one, while the other half is spent in setting your new home. After all this frenzy, you will be craving for a good night’s sleep, which is why you should have fresh linens and your pillows at hand. Not only will this help you relax, but it will also give you a feeling of contentment.

3: Cleaning Supplies

Whenever we dream of moving into a new home, we imagine a shiny floor with spick-and-span closets and clean toilets - but the reality is completely different. You should expect to be welcomed by a floor layered with dust, and not-so-clean toilets. If you’re lucky enough to have access to your new home before the actual moving day, then you can go ahead and prep in advance; however, with all the dust that comes in with the boxes and furniture, you will still have to clean a little afterward on the actual moving day. This is why you should keep basic supplies such as sponges, dishwashing soap and hand soap, a mop and a broom at least. If you want to know detail procedure about moving services click here.

4: A Basic Tool Kit

We cannot stress how important this is. Different small tools will help you in assembling/disassembling furniture, fixing nuts and lights on walls, sealing and unpacking, are a must-have for moving day. Although the movers will most likely have a basic toolkit, you can never be completely sure. Plus, once they leave, you’ll be on your own. This is why you should keep a basic tool kit with you to make your move as smooth as possible. Make sure your kit includes a swiss army knife, hand tools, a flashlight, a can and bottle opener, and a pair of scissors.

5: Medicines and Other Medical Supplies

With all the moving of furniture and big boxes, the chances of an accident injury are greater than usual. Although you should try your best to prevent such an incident, you should also take adequate measures to deal with the situation, if it occurs. You should keep your medicines and other medical supplies. This includes:

- a first-aid kit, with bandages, an antiseptic and ointments

- painkillers, that will help you feel better after a long, tiring day

- regular medicines, i.e. your prescription drugs that you must not forget to take

- contact lens solution and/or an asthma inhaler, if anyone in your home wears spectacles and lenses or has asthma.

Having these day to day essentials at hand on your moving day can help you make the process a lot easier. If you think there is something missing on the list, let us know!


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