Things to Do 8 Weeks Before You Move Your Home

Moving needs planning. If your breakdown everything to be done in detail with timeline. Moving with be smooth sailing and less trouble along the moving process. Yes, moving can be tedious and quite trouble some with all the packing, sorting, inventory, paper works, notifying, etc. But this is great leap chapter of your life. You should cherish the moment and make it exciting. You are relocating yourself and start anew. This experience might be quite overwhelming. But start with positivity, so things will go positively. Plan ahead of time. Do not cram. Stay with your plan. Follow your timeline. Do not procrastinate.

What You Should Be Doing 8 Weeks before Moving Day

8 Weeks of Moving Checklist before you move

Here is a Moving checklist for an 8-weeks period. You’re easy to follow tips for moving:

8 weeks before the move:

• Sort your things. Walk through each room and open each cabinet; choose what to take to your new home and what to dispose of. Make a rundown of "keep" things that will require special packing or additional insurance coverage.

• Research for moving companies. Try not to depend on a statement via telephone; demand an on-site estimate. Get a written quote from each company, and ensure it has a USDOT (U.S. Branch of Transportation) number on it. Get at least 3 quotes from different moving companies for comparison? Also, there are moving options;

o Do-It-Yourself Move: You rent the truck, load it up, and drive to the destination by yourself or with companions.

o The Hybrid Move: You hire help to load as well as unload the truck, you drive and rent the truck.

o Full-Service Move: The movers deal with loading, unloading and driving. The movers you pick will charge you for the services.

• Arrange school records. Request for your children's records to be moved to their new school area.

7 weeks before the move:

• Make a rundown of businesses you should notify to change address. Remember to list your online records, as well.

• Make a moving file folder. Utilize this file folder to monitor everything—each of your quotes, your receipts, and an inventory of your things you're moving.

6 weeks before the move:

• Plan and book your travel. Book hotelif your travel requires lodging during travel or before your new homes prepared; book any necessary flights.

• Purchase packing supplies. Buy standard boxes in different sizes; bubble wrap; packing paper; packing tape; and special containers, for example, closet and dish-pack boxes.

• Contact your family physicians. Acquire copies of medical records of your family, or have the records sent to your new doctors. Ask your present specialists for referral or suggestions if your do not have new doctor in your new place area.

• Contact your insurance agents. See if your move requires changes in your medicinal, dental, vehicle or individual property insurance.

5 weeks before the move:

• Go through refrigerator, freezer and food cabinet. Avoid purchasing an excessive grocery, like bulk orders, starting now until the move day.

• Get the word out to loved ones that you're moving. Send them your new address or send a moving announcement through email

• Buy moving supplies including boxes, packing material, tape, names, and box cutters. Make sure to arrange specialty things like dish boxes, closet boxes, and bedding bags if your mover isn't providing them.

• Label your boxes. Numbered boxes, color coding by room, and a master list of the inventory.

• Make a room-by-room packing calendar and start packing!

4 weeks before the move:

• Pick your mover and confirm arrangements. Confirm your moving date, costs, and additional services.

• Change your address. Go to your nearby postal office to change of addressor do it online at

3 weeks before the move:

• Cancel your paper subscription and set up delivery into your new address.

• Organize all your pertinent documents, jewelries, and heirlooms. Keep these valuable things separate from your moving boxes and arrange for moving them by hand or by means of a shipment with tracking number.

• Take photographs of any high-ticket things. Note any current scratches, dings, or damage to your furnishings.

2 weeks before the move:

• Re-confirm the movers. Contact the agent moving company you hired and double check your arrangements. Ensure the insurance set up is sufficient to cover your belonging.

• Clear out. Empty your storage units, safeboxes and some other off-site storagearea. And do not forget to get your laundry.

• Get some much-needed rest. Assess what number of workdays you'll have to make the move, and afterward ask a break or vacation from your boss.

• Clean the floor coverings. Have floor coverings cleaned; they must be rolled and wrapped from the cleaner, prepared to unroll at the new house.

1 week before the move:

• Refill medicines you'll require during the following couple of weeks.

• Pack your bags. Plan to complete your general packing a couple of days before your moving date. At that point pack bags for everybody in the family with enough garments to wear for a couple of days.

A Few Days Before

• Defrost the cooler. Clear out, clean, and defrost 24 hours before moving day your refrigerator and freezer.

• Doublecheck with your hired moving company.Reconfirm the hired moving company’sarrival time and other particulars and ensure you have arranged definite, exact address of new home for the staff. Include your contact data, like your cellphone number.

• Plan for the payment. If you have not arranged to pay your mover with a credit card, get a money order, cashier’s check, or cash for payment and tip.Remember that refreshments are constantly appreciated.

Moving Day

• Check.Ensure that the moving company that shows up is from the company you contracted: The USDOT number painted on its side should coordinate with the number on the quote you were given.

• Take inventory of your things. Before the movers leave, sign the bill of inventory list and keep a duplicate.

Most importantly, celebrate the memories you've made in your home and prepare to begin another chapter in your life. This checklist for moving is your guide for helping you a hassle-free move.

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