7 Research Recommendations for best international moving companies

International movers or International Shipping Companies offers worldwide door-to-door moving and relocation services. International moving companies specializes in moving inter-country. Moving to a different country requires lots of paperwork. There are many clearances to complete, customs, port handling, etc. You need the expertise of international movers to ensure a safe and hassle-free inter-country move. International moving costs are calculated based on the volume of the shipment which is measures in cubic meters or cubic feet. In doing global delivery and worldwide moving is energizing, however it can likewise be troublesome. Moving belongings internationally is challenging. Proper planning you can overcome this experience smoothly. First, you need to know what kind is your move and what type of mover do you need. There are many companies that offer moving services.

International Relocation Service

Dealing with moving to another nation requires thinking ahead and cautious arranging. Aside from guaranteeing that the entirety of your family’s assets delivered securely and on-schedule, you'll be managing language boundaries, complex traditions guidelines, worldwide security prerequisites, and an elevated requirement for exact coordination and dependability.

Meeting these requirements and dealing with these progressions can be incredibly distressing, particularly if this is your first abroad move. Wouldn't it be extraordinary if there was a worldwide removal list who has helped a huge number of individuals make progress in this careful circumstance—somebody you could trust to deal with every one of the subtleties? There are lots of factors to consider when you hire an international moving company. For finding a reliable international moving company is important. If you want to find out more information about the international moving, go through our site.

List of some international movers, research recommendations:

Get at least three estimates for your move.

Moving companies must be registered to US Department of Transportation and with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Once a moving company is registered with these agencies, they are given with USDOT registration number. Keep in mind to hire only legit moves to avoid trouble along the process of moving.

Compare quotations between international movers

Check what is included and not in each quotation. Sometimes quote that area less expensive may cost more in the end. Therefore ask these:

-Do they have the same shipment method?

-Are your belongings move separately in own container, or along with other peoples things?

-Are terminal and port handling fees included in the quote?

-Is packing and unpacking included?

-Is custom clearance included?

-Does quote have time frame included?

International moving companies

Is the moving company FIDI Accredited International Mover (FIDI FAIM)?

The FIDI is the main person responsible for international trade and the implementation of security measures in the world. The moving company must meet the very strict quality requirements to be an international engine accredited by FIDI. They will also be periodically evaluated by an independent auditor. They must provide protective measures and insurance to protect the customer. Choosing a member of FIDI is like a quality commitment from A to Z.

Who will be providing the moving service at the destination?

Ask your moving company who will be rendering the service at other end. At the point of origin, the visit in your home and the packing will be excellent. And at the destination, same excellent service will be provided.

Ask for recommendations

Check reviews about the credibility of the international mover. Ask for testimonials from previous customers. Ask friends, family members and co-workers who have experience in the past with international moving company. With this research, you will be able to gather list and information of trustworthy international movers.

International Moving

Additional service requirements

You may require additional services from your international mover. Like immigration assistance, currency transfer, professional carton packing service, house cleaning, pet transport, car transport or unpacking service upon delivery and even handyman service.

Get everything in contract

Make sure that you obtain a written quotation and check all details are fully listed and all cost is clearly stated from your international moving company. You must have a written agreement of full terms and conditions and a detailed contract. This is to avoid unexpected charges or surprises on moving day. To get a simple Procedure of checklist for moving abroad, check out the post right here.


If you are moving internationally, then a few points to be considered. The list of mover’s companies and Compare the prices and after choosing to check whether the company is accredited or not. These are some of the recommendations for moving internationally. After moving, then you have to find out any moving service at the destination. This article is helpful to those who are moving internationally.