What to Know When Moving to a Big City from a Small Town

Moving to big cities has been always a dream or aspiration or a plan lay out by almost everybody, or for people who just want a busier and modern surroundings. People who tend to live their lives in the hustle-bustle of big cities. Of course, everybody always wants a better future, bigger opportunities, wider horizon, and more options. But life in a big city is challenging. You will face difficulties, stress and even danger. It seems you are more exposed to risk. But even though living in big city is demanding, it is also adventurous, fun and learning. You will never really fully grasp the quirks of living in a big city until you are actually living in it for a while. Sometimes you will face difficulties that are quite messed up, but it challenges you as a person. What can you do with the situation? How do you cope up with the stress? And sometimes it will discourage you. But that how life is, it always has its ups and downs. It makes you think that living in small town is simpler. Where everything seems so serene and easy. But once in a while, it comes to our mind that we want change in our lives, we like challenge. And just like that we moving old address to new city.

Moving to a Big City from a Small Town

So what do we need to know when moving to a big city?

First you need to know the pros and cons when moving to a big city. Here are some tips that might actually help you.

1. Be aware of the city you are moving to. Research about the city. Its cultures, norms, and even state laws or city ordinances. There are blogs, tourism boards, social media and other local sources that will inform you of the potential city you are moving to.

2. Ask from a first-person point of view. It is better hear experiences from persons who are living in big city. It may be from a friend, relative, family or acquaintances. You can talk about potential place to live, neighbourhood, or work, the vibe of the city, its market, etc.

3. Are you ready to move in to big city? Are you mentally, physically, emotionally and financially ready for this move? Can you handle the noise and traffic? Are you physically healthy since living in city can be very demanding and can easily exhaust you? Can you cope up with the fast-phasing lifestyle? Can you live away from home and family? What budget can you work with? These are the questions you need to internalize and even discuss with your family and friends to help you with your decision in moving to big city.

4. Secure a job. Find a work to sustain living in a city. Living in city is quite expensive than in small town. And everything in the city has a price, nothings free. So you need to find a job to ease your financial status. Start by asking someone you know living in the city that can refer you a job or knows an open position. Or search the local online job boards and other resources.

5. Look for a place. Finding an apartment is essential with your move. You need to consider that place is safe. Plus is it within your budget. Also, it must be near your work. Further, you can also share it with friends to split the rental fee.

6. Moving in. After you made your final decision. Time to get ready. Prepare packing or you can hire professional movers. Take only the essentials downsize your belongings. You do not need many things since your moving to a smaller place. Donate some of your stuff or you can do garage sale.

7. Post-move syndrome. Give it a time to adjust. It can be overwhelming and exhausting with all the moving. But once you settle and embrace that you are now really living in the big city. You could get lonely in the beginning, but eventually you will acclimate yourself and readjust the way of thinking and living.

Hopefully these big city tips will help you. Maybe even guide you in your decision of moving in to big city. Or inspire you to go for a change. A new way of life and living.


If you are moving to a different city in a small town, then you must know about the lifestyle in that city. Many problems arise if you move to a big city without any proper research in the new town. The article is helpful for those people moving to a big city on how to stay and what are the process and tips for moving to the big moving cities.