What You Need to Do 5 Weeks Before You Move

Face it, and it's stressful to be moving. This is why we have developed an epic moving checklist that will help you stay on track. We're here to help you figure exactly what you should do before, during and after your travel. It is difficult and therefore migrates your life in general, to move any item from one place to another.

But don't overlook that it's an exciting time to move to a new location! With some guidance you'll be sure that you'll have everything done between now and the great day, and that you'll have plenty of time to celebrate.

Few Weeks Before You Move Checklist

You're out then a couple of weeks! Not too close, close. Close. Each part of your move needs to be managed ahead. The great news? We have protected you. There's a lot to do to prepare, and we won't lie. However, you are very grateful for the epic, moving checklist you started early so that you remain on the top of your to-do list.

5 Weeks Before You Move

10 Things To Do 5 Weeks Before You Move

1. To store quotes, receipts, and records related to your move, create a "moving" file or folder on Google Drive. How much does the mover quote you, for example? Was it 10 or 15 boxes price? You will not be able to keep all the information in mind. Then, for easy reference, throw them into a document.

2. Schedule a reputable moving company's in-home estimates. Check out our Penske Free Discount if you're making a DIY move and Avoid being scammed by third party.

3. Create a realistic expense budget. We realise that you want to hire movers, but this new sectional and wine fridge, but you have priority, right?

4. Before signing anything, read documents from your movers. Don't let the contracts intimidate you by knowing the documents you are receiving in ahead of time.

5. Request work time off for day trip Plan your trip on a Friday if you can. You can organise yourself for the rest of the weekend. Is tip nice ok?

6. Select your school. Do you need a bit of help in research? High schools can help you to choose your area's best school.

7. In the same vein, tell the kids from their old school for their new school for transcripts. No matter how far you go, your child's new school will involve it. Arrive prepared to keep your kid(s) back.

8. Plan for having to sell a garage. Donate, then, anything you can't sell left.

9. Plan how fragile and unusual items such as pipes, pianos, fine art, tables and safes can be moved. The list continues and begins. The transporters you hire may not be qualified to move more significant (or more costly) items, so you might have to hire a specialist mover to do the job. Make sure that you know exactly what the drivers you hired are going to and won't move.

10. Confirm that by verifying their Transportation Department number (also known as DOT number) your moving company is licensed and insured.

Two Weeks, Post-Move Checklist:

You are moved in Nearly everything has been checked out again on your moving list, but you are not yet done. It's time to get your new place straight now. Unpack, decorate and enjoy your new home customised. Finally, you did it on this epic moving checklist to the last two checkpoints! Make sure that you settled in ultimately. Now you are comfortable, take off night and call childcare competent!

1. Aim to unpack all your stuff within two weeks of moving in.

2. Last, but not least, make copies of your new keys for the babysitter, nanny, and dog walker.

Our moving checklist is ideally the one to finish all lists. Was it helpful? Let us know. And as always, we love feedback. If we missed anything, let us know in the comments section below. Happy moving!