Save money and save time by perfecting all that has to do with your move here. Changing all of your addresses is an important part of moving, and with our moving resources and discounts, you can make your move a lot easier.

To change your address, you do not need to wait in queues at the post office or file change of address requests with different services and organizations. We offer a streamlined process that helps you change your address with the USPS, DMV, IRS, credit cards, home utility companies and any other organization that you need to change your address with. We also offer you moving discounts and supportive customer service agents that you won’t find anywhere else.

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We Make Move Easy!

Moving is beyond taking furniture and other household items from one point to another point. Moving entails taking everything that has to do with your life to a new location. At Movers Pro Hub, we want to make sure you do not have to handle the stress that comes with moving. If paying a small fee for your convenience is not a problem for you, get in touch with us today! Move with us, and it will be the easiest move you’ll make.

Why Choose Movers Pro Hub?

  • You do not have the luxury of time to file multiple change of address requests.
  • If you are tired of filing multiple change of address requests and you just need it handled for you.
  • If you have no idea about where to start with filing those change of request forms with the DMV, IRS or USPS or moving.

Do not bother yourself with any of those things; our services can help you. Below are some of the things we can do for you;


If you need to inform the IRS, USPS, your credit card companies, your subscriptions or the DMV about your move, our professional filing service can help you get this done in the simplest way. We provide the most accurate and convenient method of filing your change of address requests. We help you avoid the hassle of joining queues, filing with different agencies or dealing with confusing systems all by yourself. With our auto-generated forms, you can file all your address change all at once. You do not have to be among the thousands of Americans who go through the stress of spending hours waiting for forms.

Find Out Everything About Moving – MOVER GUIDE

Moving is a really complex process and full of surprises. Let us be your moving resource and make everything smooth for you. We will give you access to helpful moving tips and resources as well as professional customer service support to assist you through it all. Whether you are looking for a suitable moving company or you need tips on how to prepare for the move, we are your one-stop-shop for all those things

We Help You Save Money!

You might decide to check out hundreds of moving companies and still end up spending thousands. At Movers Pro Hub, we have a well-curated directory where you will find unique moving bundles guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars on everything that has to do with your move. Paying our low fee to get these things done will do you a lot of good. We assist you, help with your move and still save your money. You can’t get that anywhere else.

Why Use Our Moving Services?

The services that we offer are miles ahead of many other similar services. First off, we do not only cater to first-time movers, but we also assist individuals and families that have moved multiple times in the past. If you want to change your address quickly without the stress of using the USPS, we can do it for you. Below are some of our service offerings;

Your Change of Address Command Center:

When moving, you need to change more than your post office address. By using our services, you can change your post office address, your address on your magazine subscription, credit cards, utility companies and your bank all at one place.

Unique Moving Bundle:

We offer a special unique moving bundle that guides you through the whole process. This bundle also gives you tips on how to move safely and how to access moving discounts.

Change of Address Assistants:

We have in-house professional customer service professionals who are always available to answer your questions and help you if you run into any issues. They take you through each of the steps in the process.

Simple-To-Follow Forms:

Sometimes, filling forms can be a bit complicated, especially if the moving process has put you a great deal of stress. Since we are all humans, filling out multiple forms under stress within a short time can lead to mistakes. Our simple forms help make sure you do not make mistakes. We will verify every address you input to ensure there are no errors.

Temporary or Permanent Moves:

If you are moving for up to 6 months or more, we can help you with that. You do not need to file your temporary change of address all by yourself – simply click on the button we have placed on our form, and it will be properly formatted.

Custom Moving Dashboard:

On your dashboard, you will find all the tools and resources to achieve a smooth move. Take note of every important thing and make use of the available discounts.

When changing your address, we will generate the forms for you automatically, and you go ahead to answer the questions that come up, then click on “Submit.” We will handle the rest for you after that.

Follow the Easy Steps below to Change your Address on Movers Pro Hub

Fill in the Address Change form Online:

Fill the form based on your criteria and choose one out of the options, business, family or individual.

Your Bundle will be generated

From the criteria you filled out in STEP 1, you will find your custom moving bundle generated and displayed on your dashboard. From this dashboard, you can organize your move and monitor everything else.

Follow the Instructions

We have prepared a step-by-step set of instructions to help you to complete your change of address requests according to government regulations.

Services of MOVERS-PRO-HUB

What Do You Get in Your Mailing Address Change Bundle?

For all the support, value-added services and hands-on guidance that we provide, we charge a one-time token to help you do everything necessary. Once you pay this fee, you get access to the following;

  1. We assist you in filling your forms accurately. Our professional customer service representatives are always on hand to help you out.
  2. You receive personalized discounts on moving expenses. We understand that different moves have different details and requirements. Thus, our discounts are always personalized and designed to fit your situation. Whether you are moving as an individual, family or business, we will help you save money on the most important things.
  3. We have an email and phone support available 24/7 to assist you.
  4. We also offer you free address labels to cater to all the shipping labels you will need to move. You do not have to print them by yourself.
  5. You will also gain access to our moving tips to teach you how to get your move right. We cannot allow you to make mistakes; thus, we put in our best to ensure that.

A Quick Look at Our Complete Moving Guide

Moving is stressful, and everybody feels this way when moving. You, however, have to prepare and plan for your move to avoid anything going wrong. Even as a moving company, we realized at some point that we were not effective with just a moving truck and two men working as movers. We had to include the entire address change process as part of the process. Our moving will assist those who are moving for the first time to achieve their move without hitches. This is a client-exclusive guide, and it offers the following information;

  • Best ways to plan a move.
  • Things that you should add to the budget.
  • Things you should do a month before your move date.
  • Things you should do in your new location before you arrive there.


We have experienced and highly professional customer service agents working with us. They have dealt with a lot of important questions, and we have put together the ones that have been asked frequently and repeatedly. We hope that the answers provided save you time and sufficiently satisfies you.

Q. Why Should You Update Your Address With the USPS and Every Other Establishment?

Of course these days, many people do not receive a lot of mails like it used to be some decades ago. It, however, remains imperative that you change your address with every government institution that you have business with. The only reason why millions of Americans endure the stressful process of updating their personal information with the USPS and other government agencies is the law! The law requires that you do it, and it gives you only 30 days to get it done. Not making these changes on time could lead to penalties; thus, if you need other reasons apart from receiving mail to update your address, check them out below;

  • The government wants to know where you live.
  • You must have up-to-date vehicle information.
  • The IRS must know where to send important tax information.
  • You must submit your address to your vehicle insurance company so they can accurately evaluate driver safety in your area.
  • Your health insurance company has to know your address for different reasons.
  • As a registered voter (which you should be). You have to update your address so you can vote in local elections.
  • If your address is not up-to-date and you get pulled over, you could get a ticket.

These reasons are just some of the reasons to complete this form. Even if you no longer receive mail traditionally, it is important that your records and information are up-to-date in the government’s records.


Q. Who Should You Notify About Your Address Change?

It is surprising to see that many Americans do not know who to notify when they change their address. Change of address notification does not stop at informing just your friends and employer. You have a long list of people and organizations to notify.

  • Your Bank:Whether you bank online or you use checks, your bank must know when you change your address. Your credit card companies should also not be left out.
  • Anyone who sends you bills:It could be the vet, your dentist, landscaper or any other person that you receive bills from. If you move, inform them about your change of address.
  • Airline Credit Cards:If you are moving to a different location with another airport, you should change your credit card to that of an airline that serves the airport in the new location.
  • US Department of Transportation:It is important to inform the USDT about your change of address, especially if you have global entry.
  • Amazon:You should update your address on your Amazon account, so your orders can be sent to the right address.


Updating your address to a new address with the IRS, DMV, USPS and other government agencies is only a part of moving successfully. There are lots of other things that you should do to make your move a successful one.


Planning is the most important thing to do when moving, and you should not ignore it. Make sure you leave nothing out and when planning, ensure you tick the following points in your checklist;

Note the things you are keeping and those that you are throwing away. Attach tags on your items and ask yourself if you will need those things in your new location and if you have used them in the last six months. If you haven’t used them, you probably wouldn’t need them when you move; so, throw them away.

  1. Whatever you are not going to keep should be donated or sold at a tag sale.
  2. Draw a floor plan of the new home and pick out the things that you will take with you.
  3. Sort out the important things for your kids, such as a new school, new health plans, local sports activities, after school programs, etc.
  4. Set a budget for your move and what the likely expenses might be. Thankfully, you can avail out moving discounts to reduce your expenses.
  5. Check out the distance of your old home to your new home.
  6. Plan your moving day.
What Next After Move -MOVERS-PRO-HUB


Get your Life Started at Your New Address using Social Media

Social media is not entirely an avenue to pass the time or waste time. It is an excellent tool for networking and meeting people. If your new location is at a distance from your old address, you can use platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with people who live within the vicinity of your new home. Search for book clubs, fitness classes, sport teams that you can join. There are lots of options for you, and the possibilities are limitless.

File a Change of Address Request

It may look like we keep reiterating this, but we cannot help it. It is extremely important to notify all government agencies, organizations and private establishments that you have your address listed. This is where we come in as we help you notify all of them that you have moved.

Put Together Emergency Provisions for Your First Night

You will most likely get to your new home before the movers get there with your things. To avoid being without any of your normal life necessities, pack a first-night box that will contain everything that you may need on your first night. Make sure you have some entertainment ready for your kids. Have an iPad with you, some snacks, some books and any other thing that you may need. Pillows, blankets and some other materials may also come in handy. It all depends on the situation of your new home before the movers come around with your things.

Take a Tour Around Your New Home

Before you move finally to your new address, check it out on Google Maps to see the layout of the home and the street view. Show your kids the positive sides of the new location and get them excited. Also, take note of the places you would like to see and the activities you would like to participate in. And once you finally get there, drive or walk around to familiarize with your surroundings.

Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors

When you get to your new home, go and see your neighbors; talk to them and introduce yourself to them. Start forging those social bonds that will make your stay in your home a memorable one. Establish friendships and bonds with your new neighbors and who knows, they might be willing to help out whenever you need help or vice-versa.

Enjoy Your Moving at New Home

Moving is without doubts a stressful adventure, and you have to take some time to take in and appreciate your new environment. You must have had a good reason to move; so, take the whole process one day at a time. Movers Pro Hub is here to make the process easy, handle your change of address request filings and help you save on moving expenses.

We understand the luxury of time, and we help you out so you can spend your time on more important things. We offer our expertise, experience and knowledge in dealing with some of the most complex government procedures pertaining to your move. Getting anything wrong can have adverse effects, and nobody wants that for you.

Get it right by taking advantage of our moving resources and discounts so that you can have a stress-free move.


Moving and changing address have gone beyond merely changing locations. You are not only moving your belongings; you are moving your whole life. And when you do this, you must change your address with some important establishments such as the United States Post Office, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Internal Revenue Service, magazine subscriptions, financial institutions and many others. Movers Pro Hub helps you save money and time by saving you the stress of queuing at the post office and all these multiple organizations. We provide a single, simple service that allows you to file a change of address request with all the organizations simultaneously.

In addition to that, our customers also have access to moving discounts running into thousands or hundreds of dollars. And you gain access to these by paying a low one-time fee. Avoid making the mistakes that a lot of other people have made in the past by choosing our moving bundle to make your move hitch-free and without stress.

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